Friday, 17 January 2020

2020 !!

Feathertail Glider
A5 Sketch trial

Sometimes seen in our house. Have colonised the meter boxes - crazy critters.

Thursday, 6 June 2019


Haven't done much for a while, here's a sketch done at an ALM workshop:

Cattle Egret
gouache A4

and another that's been waiting to be finished:

Oyster Catcher
gouache A4

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

I found an old site I used while travelling in 2009 - if youre interested.... 
you will probably have to copy&paste, or go to:

Friday, 18 May 2018

Some Old Friends

A small flock of Double-Barred Finches in the Mt Vincent Uniting Church grounds:

Watercolour   A5

Friday, 2 March 2018

What Plant is this?

This Wattlebird raised two chicks in a friend's garden

Cordylyne fruticosa and Little Wattlebird 
Coloured Pencil  A4

Ink Pencil and Watercolour
3" x 3"  Exercise.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Summer things

Coloured Pencils A4

There is a legend about cicadas. Cicadas are the souls of poets who cannot keep quiet, because when they were alive they never wrote the poems they wanted to.

Conversation with A Cicada

I sit and swelter in the shade and sink some ice-cold beers.
While the noisy sound of summer penetrates my ears. 
An empty husk clings emptily upon the Ironbark.
It's occupant perched on a limb, his alarm was set for seven years.

A lonely nymph deep underground crawled out to meet his kin,
Sick of the silence, sick of the dark and totally sick of his skin.
"Oh, shrill-voiced insect, what makes you scream?" I ask.  
He said, "Things called Tymbals, on my sides vibrate and make the din".

"To you it's a cacophony, to me a sweet love song". 
I said "Well, what a nuisance that you must sing it all day long".
"Pretty ones are rare" he said ,  "the ones with diaphanous wings.
I need to call out long and loud so my song I must prolong " .

"And if she likes my serenade we find a shady twig ,
Lay on it together and do a nice cicada jig.
She pops her eggs into the bark of her favorite eucalypt.
The little nymphs fall to the ground,  grab their little spades and dig.

When the lazy days are here again, with the rippling haze of summer
Black Prince comes out with all his mates, Greengrocer, Double drummer.
There are several weeks of song and sex, there's a heluva noisy party.
Then then they piss on you from lofty heights, bushwalking is a bummer.

The cicadas go from whence they came, they make their slow return to earth
Deep among the gum tree roots they calmly take their berth.
Silence then prevails. The seasons change, then with a grand announcement                  
They herald their arrival and sing again for all they're worth.
E Rasmanis

Wally Wombat in the Snow....  for a friend.
Pen and Watercolour  on   A3  Paper


En Plein Air at the Catalina War Memorial,

A3  Pen - ready for a wash.